• What is soil moisture management?

In connection with the scientific and technological methods to mitigate water scarcity, robust water monitoring is one of the necessary steps to achieve sustainable water resource management.

Besides mitigating water scarcity, soil moisture monitoring helps to ensure that crops can grow healthily. At optimum levels of soil moisture content, crops can readily absorb water and nutrients that are mixed in the soil solution.

  • Why should you implement soil moisture management?

So far, farmers have been watering plants manually, sometimes farmers don’t have time to water the plants and they don’t know how much water the plants need. By utilizing the development of IoT technology, a soil moisture detector and automatic watering are made to make it easier for farmers to water their plants.

By using this soil moisture detector and automatic plant watering, it is hoped that watering plants can be done at the right time. The water content in the soil is an important thing that must be considered in agriculture, this is directly related to crop yields. Soil moisture is an agent that can carry and transfer nutrients and other compounds to the soil for plant fertility.

  • Why do you need digital technology for soil moisture management?

The demand for smart irrigation and water-saving in agriculture has triggered the development of different soil moisture sensing techniques that can operate under harsh field conditions. IoT solution with the transmission and reception of data related to farms through devices using the Internet for prediction and providing decisions to the farmers. Continuous monitoring of soil moisture is a common practice in digital agriculture to minimize the effects of waterlogging and drought and increase yield and profitability.

  • How does Solution 1 help with soil moisture management?

Solution 1 provides soil moisture management systems that an IoT-based solution, which can improve water use efficiency and also gives the correct condition of the soil by determining the timing of irrigation in an era of increasingly limited. The use of this technique makes the soil moisture management systems independent of human intervention, such as location and time of irrigation.

A lot of functions are considered when it is implemented in soil moisture management systems that help all the soil moisture management activities, including threshold value monitoring, device status, energy monitoring, emergency alarm, etc.

Solution 1

Soil Moisture Management System

Soil moisture monitoring system is critical for managing water resources in an efficient manner that applies to both irrigated and rainfed cropping systems and is a useful tool to understand what is happening in the root zone of your crop, underflow, and precipitation. In addition, the system can be used as a tool to assist irrigation schedule that helps with irrigation decisions.

Solution 1

System Function

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  • Station Information
  • Station Management
  • Exception Management


  • Threshold Value Monitoring
  • Device Status
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Emergency Alarm


  • Soil Moisture Data
  • Station Trend
  • Fault Trend