• What is Car-Sharing management?

Carsharing is the short-term use of vehicles from a designated parking station or distributed throughout a city in public parking spaces. Cars typically are accessed with a smartphone without the need for human interaction, and users usually are charged by the time, distance driven, or a combination thereof. This allows people to give up their cars while still maintaining the mobility that they previously had with car ownership.

Car-Sharing services have become more attractive to consumers and become a worldwide industry. Car-sharing services reduce the number of cars in traffic and contribute positively to the environment.

  • Why should you implement Car-Sharing management?

Car-Sharing operator needs to control and improve what influence the efficiency of using cars. The benefits of implementing Car-Sharing management are improved business management, improve maintenance efficiency, locating cars, improve driver safety, and expected savings. Effective transport management is an important activity in every successful organization in the transport industry.

Businesses that have the intention of excelling in their Car-Sharing operations in today’s competitive market have to adopt effective and robust managerial strategies to coordinate resources that will facilitate your organization’s success and enable your organization to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Why do you need digital technology for Car-Sharing management?

With a smartphone without the need for human interaction to rent or return a car. Better car utilization can be achieved when offering both business-to-user and business-to-business services. The usage of various systems of information technology support in the Car-Sharing management process is the consequence of the development of information technologies that have achieved the necessary level at which they can be operatively applied in Car-Sharing businesses.

  • How does Solution 1 help with car sharing management?

Car-Sharing management system is important to any Car-Sharing business that is required to improve its transport capacity in the field of operation, to make sure that the organization is performing close to its possible optimal edge, giving you an edge over competitors.

A lot of functions are considered when it is implemented in the Car-Sharing management system that helps all the Car-Sharing activities, including asset management, vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, vehicle locate and track, speed management, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, driving safety management, etc.

Solution 1

Car-Sharing Management System

EV Sharing is a car-sharing management system that is a new on-demand transportation system and its concept is that people share vehicles to save maintenance costs. In addition, this system is expected as a solution for traffic jams and lack of parking that includes three types of car-sharing systems: one-way type, round-trip type, and free-floating type.

Solution 1

System Function

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EV Rental

  • Station Management
  • Billing Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Service

EV Management

  • Vehicle Information
  • Status Monitoring
  • Fault Alarm
  • Real-Time Location
  • GPS Location History
  • Speed Track


  • Driving Behavior
  • EV Usage
  • EV Mileage
  • Electrical Efficiency
  • Failure Record
  • Revenue Statistics