Service Items

We have focused on technology consulting services, system development services, big data development services, and combined with many partners to provide forward-looking technical services.

Technology Consulting Services

System Development

Big Data Development

Service Description

Consultant Service

Provide advice and forward-looking solutions for industrial transformation.

System Development

A new technology to provide high-quality systems that meet customer expectations.

Big Data Development

Effectively leverage data and analytics to improve strategic decision-making and use data as a service for overturning traditional business models.

Software Development Technologies

Software development technologies update quickly, but we provide utilize the latest ones, and better.


HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Vue, Backbone, jQuery

Back-End and Desktop

PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js, Python


React Native, Flutter, Apache Cordova, Meteor, Ionic, Angular, Sencha Touch, Objective-C/SWIFT (iOS), Kotlin/Java/C++ (Android), C#

Databases and Data Warehouses

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, MariaDB, Greenplum Database, NOSQL