• What is vehicle depot management?

Vehicle depot management provides all the logistics services including vehicle deployment, maintenance, and fuel for the stored vehicles. Vehicle depot is extremely complex, and an efficient depot plan is of great benefit to both transportation companies and passengers.

  • Why should you implement vehicle depot management?

Vehicle depot management system is among the primary infrastructural for any transportation system. The development of a vehicle depot management system involves planning the infrastructure with a more detailed understanding, to ensure functional efficiency and effectiveness of the system. This requires also the implementation of integrated hardware and software, as well as planning services that will ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

  • Why do you need digital technology for vehicle depot management?

In recent years, transportation costs are becoming the main concern of transportation companies, the fact remains that transportation costs take up over 50% of total operational costs. Digital technology has long played a key role in complex planning and management systems. It is one of the vital factors in determining an effective transportation industry that is the reason transportation companies to use effective digital solutions for improving operational costs.

  • How does Solution 1 help with vehicle depot management?

Vehicle depot management system is important to any transportation organization that is required to improve its logistic support in the field of operation, to make sure that the organization is performing close to its possible optimal edge, giving you an edge over competitors.

A lot of functions are considered when it is implemented in vehicle depot management systems that help all the vehicle depot management activities, including position allocation, vehicle deployment and track, routine and repair maintenance, maintenance timetable, fuel makeup, etc.

Solution 1

Vehicle Depot Management System

Increase of vehicle frequency needs more vehicle capacity. Better vehicle capacity can be achieved by increasing vehicle size or adding more vehicles. Furthermore, more vehicle capacity will require more area capacity to store vehicles.

Vehicle depots are the place where the vehicles come and halt after the necessary trips are finished. The depot management system can help to ensure to have good management of the vehicles that are present in the depots.

Vehicle Depot Management System enables to automate depot operations which include workshop management, fuel management, traffic management, vehicle management and manage the various buses that are present in the depots so that easy management of work is possible.

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System Function

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Depot Management

  • Vehicle Deployment
  • Position Allocation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Access Control

Workshop Management

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Repair Management
  • Maintenance Timetable
  • Vehicle Logs
  • Fuel Makeup
  • Mileage Logs


  • Vehicle Usage
  • Vehicle Reliability
  • Mileage Analysis
  • Operational Statistics
  • Revenue Analysis