• What is flood warning management?

Natural disasters are usually unavoidable. However, flood warning management can save a lot of lives and properties. In order to prevent the devastating effect of floods, flood warning management is given to the people to evacuate them to safer places.

The most harmful natural disaster is the flood which occurs at an increase in water level. The damages caused by the flood will be more harmful and the time taken for recovery will take a long period of time. The only way to reduce the damage and the real life of people is to detect the water level frequently.

  • Why should you implement flood warning management?

Generally, natural disasters like floods cannot be stopped but they can be reduced by implementing flood warning management. In this solution, we are going to use IoT sensors to detect the water level in the rivers, and dams and to alert the people when the water level rises beyond the normal limit.

Floods can be detected and observed with the help of the flood warning management systems that increase the people’s awareness in that area and warn them about the flooding event.

  • Why do you need digital technology for flood warning management?

With the emergence of new wireless technologies and IoT applications, the development of IoT-based flood warning management systems that becomes real-time monitoring of floods in disseminating information about flood threats to the public. Remote IoT devices are automatic devices that are placed to monitor the targeted area so that all the information regarding the flooding events is updated from time to time. This IoT solution prevents or reduces flooding cases, and alerts the resident and the rescue team before the situation worsens.

  • How does Solution 1 help with flood warning management?

In order to predict and detect floods, Solution 1 provide solutions to prevent or reduce flooding cases. In terms of disasters, flood warning management systems are used for communicating, planning, and facilitating disaster inquiries, as well as notifying people and reducing accidents. Flood warning management systems also give a real-time water level on application. This system is designed to send a warning message to the people and alert them before any flood occurs.

A lot of functions are considered when it is implemented in flood warning management systems that help all the flood warning management activities, including threshold value monitoring, device status, energy monitoring, emergency alarm, etc.

Solution 1

Flood Warning Management System

Flood warning management system provides accurate information, real-time data on flood conditions uses real-time data to predict future flood conditions several hours in advance, notifies individuals and decision-makers when pre-defined actions need to be taken, allow individuals and decision-makers to make informed decisions about whether to take emergency action during a flood event.

Solution 1

System Function

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  • Station Information
  • Station Management
  • Exception Management


  • Threshold Value Monitoring
  • Device Status
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Emergency Alarm


  • Flood Warning Data
  • Warming Trend
  • Risk Distribution