• What is parking lot management?

Parking lot management looks to find a nearby suitable parking spot for the drivers. This system has implemented IoT technology to design a smart parking solution that benefits both parking owners and car drivers.

  • Why should you implement parking lot management?

During the last decades, the number of vehicles in use has increased worldwide. Thus, parking management has become a widespread challenge in almost all cities. Even if this problem can be observed whatever, it is clearer in the canter of cities, markets, shopping malls, hospitals, and administrations.

  • Why do you need digital technology for parking lot management?

This solution aim at providing, among others, automated parking lot management, such as dynamic pricing according to the number of cars in the parking lot; and parking guidance for drivers, a route to the nearest parking space available. Smart Parking solutions are essential as a system that accurately guides the driver to the nearest parking spot available can save both time and fuel.

  • How does Solution 1 help with parking lot management?

Solution 1 proposed vision-based recognition solution approaches to address problems related to parking lot management, and focus on processing images from parking lots. Such as the automatic detection of parking space positions, defining for each parking space the bounding box that delimits the object, the individual parking space classification, determining whether a specific parking spot is occupied by a vehicle or not, and detecting and counting vehicles in images.

Solution 1

Parking Management System

Parking management system have become a crucial part of our daily lives, which are important and beneficial for parking managers and parking users who check-in cars as they enter, and check out cars as they leave. This system is expected as a solution for searching parking space and lack of parking that includes three types of parking systems: roadside type, building type, and flat type.

Solution 1

System Function

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  • Account Management
  • Station Management
  • Space Management
  • User Management
  • Vehicle Management

Parking Management

  • Space Record
  • Space Monitoring
  • Space Number
  • Space Status
  • Whitelist Management
  • Device Status
  • Device Maintenance


  • Traffic Flow
  • Space Usage
  • Failure Record
  • Failure Analysis
  • Revenue Statistics