• What is fleet management?

Fleet management is a function for businesses or transportation organizations, such as delivering goods or providing transport services. The aim of fleet management is to decrease the risks associated with vehicle operation, efficiency, and productivity and to minimize the transportation and staff cost entirely. The implementation of fleet management is widespread, where different forms of fleet management are used in numerous transport companies, as well as in public administration and the government institutions that have the fleet.

  • Why should you implement fleet management?

Businesses or transportation organizations, need to control and improve what influence the efficiency of using the fleet. The benefits of implementing fleet management are improved business management, locating fleet vehicles, improve driver safety, and expected savings.

Effective transport management is an important activity in every successful organization in the transport industry and for that matter fleet management. Businesses that have the intention of excelling in their fleet management operations in today’s competitive market have to adopt effective and robust managerial strategies to coordinate resources that will facilitate your organization’s success and enable your organization to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Why do you need digital technology for fleet management?

The usage of various systems of information technology support in the fleet management process is the consequence of the development of information technologies that have achieved the necessary level at which they can be operatively applied in businesses or transportation organizations.

  • How does Solution 1 help with fleet management?

Fleet management system is important to any fleet management organization that is required to improve its transport capacity in the field of operation, to make sure that the organization is performing close to its possible optimal edge, giving you an edge over competitors.

A lot of functions are considered when it is implemented in fleet management systems that help all the fleet management activities, including asset management, vehicle locate and track, speed management, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, driving safety management, etc.

Solution 1

Fleet Management System

Fleeter is a Fleet management system to help you track, monitor, and analyze your fleet’s operations that allows organizations to monitor and manage all information associated with their vehicles.

Solution 1

System Function

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Fleet Information

  •  Vehicle Information
  •  Status Monitoring
  •  Data Monitoring

Fleet Management

  • Real-Time Location
  •  Multi Monitoring
  •  Real-Time Monitoring
  •  GPS Location History
  •  Speed Track
  •  Driving Track
  •  Driving Status
  •  Driving Time


  •  Driving Behavior
  •  Abnormal Driving
  •  Driving Hours
  •  Speed Risk
  •  Vehicle Usage
  •  Vehicle Mileage