• What is solar energy management?

Energy management has become an important area of study due to the increasing significance of the conservation of energy resources and fossil fuels. The solar energy system utilizes light and heat energy emitted from the Sun and converts them into electricity for supplying to entities like industry or households to fulfill needs where they are suited. Sunlight and heat are the free productions of nature, both are renewable and do not have any negative impact on the environment.

  • Why should you implement solar energy management?

The solar energy system has become the leading green source of electricity all over the world for cities and households in off-grid and remote areas.

In many countries in the world that plenty of sunlight is available all over the year, and using solar energy has been considered very significant. There is also some national-level planning to supply solar electricity through conventional grid systems.

Studies show that renewable energy such as solar decreases the threat of energy uncertainty. Solar energy systems are an easy and cheaper solution to the global energy crisis.

The solar energy system has been expanded in both urban and rural areas widely as it has many impacts in the form of solar rooftops, solar microgrids, solar charging stations, etc.

  • Why do you need digital technology for solar energy management?

The digitalization of the solar energy industry can be considered as a sort of market niche that meets the needs of customers eager to buy renewable energy. The solutions and digital technologies have already found their place in this big-tech market. The solar energy market and information technologies are combining, to help your solar energy business digital transformation that provides advanced digital energy services.

  • How does Solution 1 help with solar energy management?

New and innovative business models take place in the solar energy industry, Solution 1 provides digital technologies for solar energy management that we combine equipment, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software, and connectivity in a vast variety of ways, and made available online in the form of data and information.

Solution 1

Solar Energy Management System

Solar Power is a solar energy management system to help you perform centralized remote monitoring and tracking the real-time data of the solar assets such as performance degradation, downtime, losses, etc, causing generation loss. Delivers real-time information that allows power plants and managers to gather data that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.

Solution 1

System Function

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Power Plant

  • Plant Information
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Energy Production monitoring
  • Device Status Monitoring
  • Fault Alarm


  • Plant Maintenance
  • Repair Management
  • Maintenance Management


  • Power Generation Data
  • Energy Production Analysis
  • Generating Efficiency
  • Failure Record
  • Revenue Statistics