• What is EV charging management?

Electric vehicle charging is used to connect the plug-in electric vehicle and electric vehicle to an electrical outlet to charge the battery of the vehicle. In addition, various automobile giants and electric component companies are working toward the development of advanced electric vehicle charging to meet the rise in demand for electric vehicles.

  • Why should you implement EV charging management?

In the past decade, the need for a sustainable transport system has been raised by civil society and policies. Growing sales of clean vehicles and incentives provided by the government for adopting electric vehicles are fueling growth in the market.

The global transition to electrified transport is well underway, supported by the development and rollout of electric vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure.

The development and rollout of more fast chargers in the future, which can recharge an EV in approximately the same time as refilling an internal combustion engine vehicle, is a prerequisite for many e-mobility services and facilitates the promotion of electric vehicles, thus, you need implement EV charging management.

  • Why do you need digital technology for EV charging management?

Electric vehicle charging may take place several times during the journey when the trip is long distance. Electric vehicle drivers are always concerned with the charging problem due to the fewer charging station, and the decision of which charging station to choose.

In this context, the management of electric vehicle charging demands, especially implementing digital technology is necessary for operators of electric vehicle charging and electric vehicle drivers. Charging technology and digital systems will therefore be of increasing importance in the transition to electrified transport.

  • How does Solution 1 help with EV charging management?

Solution 1 proposes an artificial intelligence solution to manage the electric vehicle charging demands for overcoming the issue of prolonged waiting charging time due to a large number of electric vehicles having a charging plan at the same charging station along the roadside.

The architecture system contains a smart scheduling algorithm to minimize trip time including waiting time, previous reservations, and energy needed to reach the destination. On the other hand, an automatic mechanism for updating reservations is integrated to adjust the electric vehicle charging station.

Solution 1

EV Charging Management System

EV Charging is an EV charging management system to help you monitor and analyze power usage of each EV charger in real-time connecting multiple parking spaces, optimizing the use of power, and managing an unlimited number of charging stations conveniently with remote commands.

Solution 1

System Function

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EV Charger

  • Station Management
  • Billing Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Service
  • Charger Information
  • Device Status Monitoring
  • Fault Alarm


  • Plant Maintenance
  • Repair Management
  • Maintenance Management


  • Charger Usage
  • Charge Efficiency
  • Failure Analysis
  • Revenue Statistics