• What is bus ticketing management?

Bus ticketing management is one of the most important services in E-commerce. An E-ticket is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing travelers, mainly in the public transportation industry.

Related the E-ticketing works, such as the cost of terms of printing, mailing, and ease the workload. A bus ticketing management allows information to enter directly into the company’s database. Consumers also allow check-in without showing a physical paper ticket.

Bus ticketing management is the foundation that can reduce costs and improve passenger service, especially city buses, and intercity buses, this solution has been implemented in varying business environments and travel cultures.

  • Why should you implement bus ticketing management?

Bus ticketing management provides an electronic document without physical paper on mobile devices, the industries of city buses and intercity buses are using the most convenient. Bus ticketing management makes passengers’ lives easier, and that can make you their carrier of choice.

Bus ticketing management reduces ticket processing costs, eliminates paper forms, and increases the flexibility of passengers and travel agents in making changes to travel schedules.

  • Why do you need digital technology for bus ticketing management?

In the bus transport service industry, it is the way to promote businesses that implement a bus ticketing management system using internet solutions.

Online ticket reservations make it easy for passengers of public transport services in a variety of things, such as the ease of finding travel schedule information and the price of the ticket.

In addition, passengers can make ticket reservations anytime and anywhere without having to come directly to the ticket booth or other conventional ticket booking places.

  • How does Solution 1 help with bus ticketing management?

Solution 1 provides a bus ticketing management system that is expected to increase ticket sales, an online-based bus ticket sales management system. It meant that bus tickets can be purchased without having to come directly to the ticket booth.

This management system is more intended for booking bus tickets. Not only simplify the ticket buying process, and it can also help reduce the crowds that could be generated in the process of buying and selling tickets.

Passengers can buy tickets via their mobile devices, pay online directly while they are on travel, and validate and retrieve tickets using the mobile application.

Solution 1

Bus Ticketing System

Transportation assumes an urgent part in urban areas as it altogether impacts the nature of individuals’ lives and is frequently the vital method for getting to schooling, work, commuter, and travel.

Bus Ticketing System can let passengers know the information about the vehicle schedule and ticket. Nowadays, online is a very common issue to everyone so checking information using online can save a lot of time for the passenger, so that passenger no need to go to the counter to ask of bus and schedule.

Bus Ticketing System makes the process of scheduling trips easier and prevents conflicting in time, also it helps passengers to book their tickets from their homes and checks the pricing system of the routes, the price of ticket may increase or decrease depending on the season, availability, time of booking, and also depending on the class that passenger select and all these factors will be calculated automatically and instantly.

All the more in this way, Bus Ticketing System will fill in as an organization chief to control and screen the development of transports and the everyday reservation of transports to various courses that help organizations use sound judgment and augment benefit.

Solution 1

System Function

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Transport Management

  • Station Management
  • Route Management
  • Passenger Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Ticketing Management
  • Inventory Management

Operation Management

  • Arrival Management
  • Driver Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Seat Management
  • Retail Management


  • Departure Frequency
  • Productivity
  • Route Productivity
  • Load Factor
  • Passenger Complaint
  • Punctuality Rate
  • Revenue Statistics