• What is traffic enforcement management system?

Regarding traffic enforcement, it is a technological system that can deal with traffic violations by providing law enforcement that is fast, reliable, safe, and open. Its system aims to improve safety, regulate roads, improve traffic control, and reduce the death rate of accident victims.

Traffic enforcement functions as a traffic inspection system for automated law enforcement. In sum, traffic enforcement can be understood as an image recognition technology system that has the capacity to record every passing vehicle; in other words, innovation in digitizing a traffic system.

  • Why should you implement traffic enforcement management system?

Adopting image recognition technology as a data source has fundamental implications for measuring scores from the results of monitoring the spread of cases. Such as giving a deterrent effect to the drivers, because traffic violations become easily reviewed.

  • Why do you need digital technology for traffic enforcement management?

Traffic supervision and enforcement are still handled manually in many cities, by placing the police on every corner of the road, supervision, and action can be maximized.

With image recognition technology for traffic enforcement, supervision and prosecution can be carried out in a system, this technology is designed to be able to assist the police to supervise and take action, everything is done based on a system so that no action is taken, all the guilty will receive the punishment.

  • How does Solution 1 help with traffic enforcement management?

The existence of image recognition technology is considered capable of reducing various problems related to human resources with the help of technology. Solution 1 uses image recognition technology for detecting traffic violations and road traffic conditions, such as traffic flow, speeding, running a red light, wrong-way driving, and parked cars along the roadside. Images are taken and converted into data and images are generated as evidence of a traffic ticket with a surveillance camera.

Solution 1

Traffic Enforcement Management System

Traffic Enforcement is a traffic enforcement management system to carry out controls and manage traffic flows efficiently, prevent the occurrence of road traffic violations by means of control and punitive sanctions, and provide better opportunities in transportation for your city residents for efficient living.

Solution 1

System Function

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Traffic Monitoring

  • Traffic Dashboard
  • Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Traffic Flow Detection
  • Traffic Jam Detection
  • Violation Detection
  • Wanted Vehicles Detection


  • Fault Alarm
  • Device Maintenance
  • Repair Management
  • Maintenance Management


  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Violation Analysis
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Traffic Jam Analysis
  • Failure Analysis